How To // Flowers, flowers and more flowers

Joryli and I tried out being florists last week for my best friend’s wedding. Now let me start out by saying we are not florists! It was lots of fun to do, but I would definitely recommend a professional. The whole time we were making them I was thinking this better work, the wedding is tomorrow!

If you are looking to do your own bouquets and are keeping it really simple, you need to be wise with the flower choice! Ask a florist on what they would recommend would be an easy combination to do. We asked for some advice from Alice from Floralista, but like we said earlier, we will always recommend for a professional to do it. This is their artwork and what they've been trained to do. Things that look simple aren't always easy to get. Florists who are good at what they do tend to make things look easier then they are. But if you want something to look good no matter how simple, it always takes a bit of training and a good eye to do it.

We only had to work with carnations and babies breath so it was easier then having a variety of flowers and greenery! (also my bestie is pretty easy going and just wanted flowers to hold).

Check out the steps listed below:

1: Gather supplies: Flowers (a local florist or grocery store), a good pair of scissors, floral tape (found at Michaels),  and what you plan on tying it together with! We used burlap and white twine to match the décor!

2. Pull apart flowers and remove some of the extra greenery.

3. Begin forming the flowers into a bunch, once the carnations were all nice and full looking. Add the babies breath around the carnations. Once it is all together take the time to fluff, poof, and move them around until you get the right look.

4. Hold the stems tightly and begin wrapping the floral tape around the stems, ensure that you wrap it at least four times to keep it nice and sturdy (we don’t want them falling apart as you walk down the aisle).

5. Wrap in burlap (or your desired material).  We finished off with some twine to complete the look.

6. Cut the bottom of the stems to desired lengths. Test it out in your hands to make sure the length is right (the bottom stems should show about 3 inches while you are holding them).

7. And there you have it! 

Tip: Make sure the bride’s bouquet is a substantial amount bigger than the bridesmaids. We did 10 carnations in the bridesmaid’s bouquets and about 30 in the bride’s!

We also added the babies breath throughout the bouquet in the bride’s instead of just around the carnations to add a bit of a different look from the bridesmaids bouquets.

Have you ever tried making bouquets? Have any tips to add? We’d love to hear from you!

Xx The TBL Girls