Feature // Natalie Young from Mint Photography

We're so excited to be featuring Natalie Young from Mint Photography. Natalie and Ron Young are a husband and wife photography duo located out in London, Ontario. Natalie (who also happens to be my sister-in-law) also has a successful, fun blog that she does with her best friend, called Three Little Crowns. It's an amazing blog for that modern mama, and it comes with tips, DIYs, inspiration, etc...

Natalie and Ron took our (Joryli and Sam's) wedding photos, where shortly after their photos got asked to be featured on The Heirloom Magazine.

Even after having twin boys (!), Natalie and Ron are constantly evolving and staying creative to present their clients with the best product. 

We had an interview with Natalie while we were out in Ontario and asked her a few questions in hopes to help that couple that's looking for the perfect photographer. We thought we'd go straight to the source and ask a few photographers for their thoughts on the decision process.  Here we go!

Interview with Natalie Young from Mint Photography

Tell us about yourself // I married my high school sweet heart. We’ve been married for 5 years. We have twin one year old boys and reside in Ontario. I have a teaching degree, but with jobs being so sparse in Ontario, upon graduating, I decided to pursue something else I was interested in – photography. I was mentored by a photographer for several years before I branched out and started my own business. I’m currently a stay at home mom and run my business from home, shooting portrait sessions during the week, and weddings a few weekends a month. My husband and I shoot weddings together, which I absolutely love! Through the years, we’ve really found a groove of working together and I feel so blessed to have him by my side.

What made you fall in love with photography? // It wasn’t until after my own wedding that I started to get more interested in photography. I got my first SLR camera as a Christmas gift while I was half way through university, and I started to play around with it and practice when I had spare time. But it wasn’t until after I graduated that I really started to shoot. I started by practicing with friends and family, and eventually I started to get real client inquiries. Four years ago I shot my first wedding and I haven’t turned back! I love love love everything about my job from the initial consultation to giving my clients their images back and seeing their reaction.

 What’s your one favorite thing about shooting weddings? // Probably my favorite thing about shooting weddings is building relationships with the couples we shoot. It’s one thing to photograph two strangers, but it’s another when the people in front of your camera become your friends. We love seeing their story unfold during the time we get to work with them, and we often build lasting friendships.

What advice would you give a couple trying to choose a photographer? // Look around A LOT. Every photographer has a distinct style. Bright and whimsical, dark and moody, natural and raw etc.,  It’s important that you find a photographer who is able to capture your day in a way that portrays YOU and your personal style. Years down the road, your photos are all you will have to remember your day. Once you have narrowed down your choices, take the time to sit down and chat with the photographers you are considering. Make sure that you connect and get along well because after all, you have to spend and entire day with them!

What’s your favorite shot to take of the wedding day? // I would have to say my favorite part of the day to shoot is the getting ready shots. There is something so magical about the bride and her girls spending that time preparing together for the big day. There is so much anticipation, emotion and excitement  as the bride get’s ready to meet her groom. I love it.

We'll be doing a few more interviews with a few more amazing and diverse photographers. We hope that this helps you either with your present, or future decision in looking for a photographer! There's so many talented artists out there, and there's nothing greater then finding the one that was the right fit for you. Stay tuned for more upcoming interviews!

xo Jo

Photo of Natalie and Ron // Raw Footage Photography
Remainder of the photos by Mint Photography