Inspiration // Bridesmaids Gifts

Today, we're talking about bridesmaids gifts! There's so many different options out there, and we love it when it really reflects the bride and groom's personality, while also being unique to each person it's being gifted to. Today, we're looking at a few cute ideas we've come across either personally, or we've seen done in other weddings!

Here are a few ideas!

1. A blanket scarf // With fall and winter season coming up, this would be a great everyday gift for your girls! We absolutely love the different ways you can wear it, but we're really loving the oversized scarves. You can go casual for everyday wear, or get a shade that goes with your colour scheme so they can wear it on the day of! 

2. Flats // This is something I (Joryli) did for my bridal party! I got them flats that they would be able to change out of later on in the day, but they'll still be able to wear it with their dresses. This is a great versatile gift! (On mod cloth, these flats are only $30! Click on the name for the link.)

3. Phone Case // This one is a bit specific, because not everyone in your bridal party may have the same type of phone. But whether it's getting the same colour or design, you could do something by having the girls (and guys) all have the same phone case on the big day!

4. Jewelry // This is always a nice gift for the girls! Normally, this is one of the questions the bridesmaids wants to know, "what does the bride and groom want me to wear with this?" It's nice when it's already taken care of for them! 

5. A wristlet/clutch // We all know the actual wedding day can get a bit busy and full, what a great way to keep everything compact and all in one place! It's sleek, and your girls will definitely be able to use them after the wedding day. 

These are just a few ideas for this wedding season. We will be looking into what to get the groomsmen next!

If you have any other ideas, or have seen/done some fun new ideas for your bridal party! Let us know! We'd love to hear your ideas!