Feature // Yinger Fotokrafie Design

We're excited to be featuring Yinger Wong from Yinger Fotokrafie Design. I've known Yinger for a while now, and can only say great things about him. He's an incredibly humble and hard worker, and he's VERY good at what he does. We wanted to get his opinion and advice on getting the right photographer for that event and wedding. 

Tell us about yourself! // I am a Vancouver-based fine art wedding, portrait & lifestyle photographer. I’ve got an insatiable passion for shooting on film, and accompanied by digital. Capturing people and life in the most honest and bona fide way is what’s important to me.

Married to the love of my life, Ellie and she is the backbone of our business. We are also the proud parents of Ayden and our goldendoodle, Rossi.

We are honored that we get to serve and do life with amazing couples that are about to start a significant chapter. We are passionate about marriage. Photography is our ministry.

What made you fall in love with photography? // Don’t we all wish that we had more pictures of ourselves growing up, or with our loved ones? That’s what I get to do; I get to document a piece of history. What an honor.

What advice would you give a couple trying to choose a photographer? // Take the time and meet the photographer. I think it’s very important for the couple to share similar values and vision as the photographer. See the work of an entire wedding, not just the website.

I hear you used to be a fashion photographer, tell us a bit about that. // My mother was a fashion designer, my first big assignment was with a modeling agency, and ever since it has been a skillset that I am able to leverage on whenever I need to add a splash of fashion to achieve that extra impact.

How does this affect your of photography? // One thing I always strive for in my work is to find the balance of honesty and beauty. Styling and creating something beautiful is the unwritten rule in the fashion industry, and authenticity is usually an after thought. Understanding fashion definitely had helped me to be a better photographer, however I believe when authenticity meets beauty/fashion -- you’ll create a timeless photograph. 

Any advice in searching for a photographer? // Photography is an investment, and a good investment is one that will increase in value over time. You need to think that your photos will become a family heirloom, and it will be passed down for generations to come. So invest in a photographer that values and understands the importance of an album, because one day you’ll appreciate the tangible, visceral print experience.