Feature // Kelly Swanson of Swanybooth Vancouver

Right when I saw the new modern and sleek photo booth that Kelly had come up with, it instantly perked my interest! I wanted to know more about it, and how it worked. There are so many options out there when it comes to photo booths. But we instantly loved it when we saw how sleek, customizable and easy-on-the-eyes this particular photo booth was. AND, you get unlimited photos along with it. Score! 

We're interviewing Kelly Swanson, owner of Swanybooth Vancouver to give us some more information on her take on the photo booth!

Kelly, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with Swanybooth! //  Hello!  I am a Vancouver photographer, wife and mom to my pup Zooey. After working for the past 6+ years as a nursing unit clerk and as a part-time photographer life has taken a different path. I recently launched my new photobooth company and have been humbled and blown away by the response and support. I started Swanybooth because I am passionate about people, capturing  memories and the endless creative possibilities that goes along with it. I really wanted to provide stylish entertainment for the guests with custom options to create a one-of-a-kind photo booth experience.

What exactly is Swanybooth? //  Swanybooth is a custom designed photobooth using professional photography equipment to provide fun stylish entertainment at any event. The open concept design will allow anywhere from 1-8+ guests to join in on the fun! We can customize any event by providing trendy backdrops, logos, props etc... We want to help provide the most stylish options to compliment your event. 

What kind of professional equipment do you use? // To produce the highest quality images we use an 18MP camera with shadow free professional Lighting.  Printer uses dye-sub technology to produce high-quality photos in seconds!

I hear that you are able to customize the photo booth to each event. How does that work? // Everything from backdrops, props, logos etc can be customized for your specific event. We love getting creative and providing custom experiences just for you. From weddings, grad parties, bridal showers, corporate events, any type of celebration you can think of we want to customize it specifically for that event!

How does the booth work? // All you have to do is press start on the touch screen, use the live view to strike a pose while the booth counts down to take the photos. Then collect your prints on the side of the booth. Then you're done! We even have options to share it via. email, text or facebook! We wanted to make sure it's nice and easy for you and your guests!

How much space would you need at an event? // Just an open space of 10 ft x 10 ft to allow for guests to safely walk in and around the booth and equipment.

Do you come early to set up? // Yes absolutely! We take care of everything from set-up to tear-down. The hours we provide does not include that but we make sure we arrive early to set up and we will clean up after your event.

Does the booth need an attendant. // Yes, an onsite friendly attendant is available to assist you if any questions arise while using the booth.  

We really love Swanybooth because not only can you customize it to personalize your wedding to stay true to your theme, the amount of options you have with it is extraordinary. It's also very versatile and can be used for smaller events like birthday parties, corporate events, bridal showers, etc... It's not limited to a big event! Love that!

Photos are one of the things people love to do at an event so that they can have a keepsake. It's also a great interactive way to keep your guests entertained without having to over-plan things in the event.

For those planning a Christmas party, why not make this a part of your event? We personally love how Swanybooth is now an option for us out there. Check her out at www.swanybooth.com or visit her on instagram @swanybooth.vancouver

xox happy planning!