Monthly // Fall Update

We're celebrating a full month of The Bright Lights being re-launched! We're planning, dreaming and working on a few fun things ahead. Thanks so much for joining us on our journey and our love for planning the perfect event!

There's something about getting to know each other, so we thought we'd share a few things that we love, what we're doing and even some things we loved about our wedding! Let us know what you think!


Tell me about something fun you did in the last month! // My husband Sam and I, traveled to Ontario for work, and I got to go with him to help! There was a lot of driving and networking but it was a lot of fun! We also got to visit some of his family while we were there and got to hang out with the cutest twin babies. Check them out here!

What do you do in your spare time? // Now being a full time student, my spare time has a lot to do with either answering e-mails, blogging, planning ahead for the week, AND reading and studying. Because I’m in full-time school, I really got to make sure I’m doing my best to stay ahead. It’s quite the task, but I’m really loving it!

What are you reading right now? // My husband and I started reading through a book called You & Me by Francis Chan. We just started, and haven’t really gotten into a routine of reading it every day so we’re really early on in the book, but so far it’s really revolutionizing and challenging my thinking about marriage! I love it so far!

What's your favourite thing about planning an event? I love love putting the details together, and once it’s game time, being able to see it all come together. There are so many elements that happens in an event, and a majority of it is small details that no one sees or thinks about but makes a huge difference. I love seeing the difference it makes.

How do you stay organized? // I’d love to say my day timer helps me, but I’m still figuring out what works best for me (to be honest! is that a no-no for a planner?) I love writing things down in my agenda, BUT I always refer back to my iCal. If it’s not in my phone, then it doesn’t exist in my day. It keeps me ahead! I also like to create to-do lists. I love crossing things off, oh boy, does that feel good! 

What's one thing you'll never forget that happened at your wedding // Two things: One. The first time I saw Sam at the front waiting for me. I’m not overly emotional, but I was overwhelmed with tears the moment I saw him.

Two. The morning of my wedding! There was such a peace that morning. There was a lot of last minute details that came up to our wedding day, but once that morning hit, I remember just thinking to myself how this is the day that I get to marry the love of my life, and all the other details didn’t matter anymore. It was go time, and I was ready for whatever the day had! It was probably the most relaxed morning ever. As my bridesmaids and I got ready, we sat around, chatted, ate food, got pampered and danced around. It was such a memorable morning with my girls!

Where did you guys go on your honeymoon? // Maui! Sam planned our honeymoon and surprised me with a trip to Hawaii. I’ve ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to go, and it was the most amazing trip! I HIGHLY recommend it.

What are you looking forward to? //  The Christmas Season! Things are going to slow down a bit for us during the Christmas season and I’m so excited to be able to spend time with friends and family.


Tell me about something fun you did in the last month! // I know this might sound lame, but we finally picked a paint colour for our house, (With some help from a friend)! We can finally get on with making our home feel all new and cozy! 

What do you do in your spare time? // In my spare time I love to stay busy with friends! I have a great group of fiends and finding time to invest into our relationship is really important to me! 

What are you reading right now? // Well, my husband and I are reading the book of Acts together. On my own though, I am re-reading Emma by Jane Austin. I am such a sucker for a classic.

What's your favourite thing about planning an event? Brainstorming! I love taking all the ideas and creating. I love once I can really envision an event! 

How do you stay organized? // My day timer! I am a little old school that way. I have attempted using my phone many times, but I just can't stick to it! I can't help it, I just love actually writing down my plans and stuff, it just helps me remember everything and I find it relaxing! 

What's one thing you'll never forget that happened at your wedding // The whole day is such a blur! It was like one thing to the next! BUT I wont be forget the moment Josiah and I took communion. He prayed over our marriage together for the first time as my husband. So memorable! 

Where did you guys go on your honeymoon? // FLORIDA! It was the best, we went to magic kingdom, universal ( I got to walk around in Harry Potter land!) and  we checked out wet n' wild water park! I guess you can say we both need to stay busy! 

What're you looking forward to? // I'm just going to say it December, because that means the Christmas season is here! I love the festivities, the parties, the sparkle, AND my husband will be home the whole month of December! 

Tell us what you're looking forward to! What's your favourite season and why? As the Christmas season quickly approaches us, do you like to lay low or are you a party planner type? We'd love to hear from you!

xox TBL girls