Day-Of Coordination // The Witkamps Fall Wedding

These two share a very place in my (Joryli's) heart, which made this wedding all the more special to be a part of. I've known Marika for a few years now, and the first time we hung out, we were instantly friends. And I've had the privilege of knowing Silas way before meeting Marika. Silas (who is my husband's best friend) was a close friend, whom we both loved dearly. When we heard that Silas had a thing for Marika, Sam and I were instantly intrigued. But after one coffee date with Marika, I knew I loved her right away! She's incredibly genuine, intuitive, encourages me in my faith and definitely talented. Marika and Silas are such a perfect match. It brings me so much joy to have been a part of her wedding in this way!

We love you guys! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day! xo

Read up a bit on some of the process for their wedding, and some kind words from The Witkamps themselves!

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It was great working alongside Marika. She's really detailed-oriented, and a lot of her ideas lined up together nicely. I wasn't worried at all when it came to decor, entertainment, etc... She knew what she wanted. As a wedding planner, it's an absolute dream when they have a good idea of what works and what doesn't. My goal as her planner was to help keep her organized and on track with some of the things that may have been forgotten, and I also wanted to slowly take things away from her so that she was able to focus on other things that needed her attention, like out-of-town guests.

I really wanted her to have as much of an open hand as possible. I didn't want her to be so consumed with planning the details that it took away from her experiencing her own wedding. We wanted to make sure that on the day, Silas and Marika were detail-free, we were happy to take that load off of them! 

About a month prior, I started taking on communication within different vendors, and people involved either to confirm details, or help explain what was being planned on the day. 

Anything from interacting back and forth with vendors confirming on pick-up, drop-off details. Creating a timeline and communicating with those that are heavily involved in the wedding, as well as making sure that we had the bride and grooms approval with every change. Anything along those lines, can be quite time consuming, which is why this is just a few of the things that we were happy to take out of Marika and Silas' hands.

As an engaged couple not only are you still maintaining the lifestyle you're presently in, you're currently planning for your upcoming wedding, AS WELL as planning for your future. It's quite the balancing act!

Marika and Silas also had created a lot of things for their wedding to add a personal touch for their guests. It represented them so well! But because everything was so intentional, as their coordinators we needed to make sure that we understood every small detail that they had wanted. Our role was to execute it in the most efficient way possible. Marika had also requested that we would be on-site to help with the set-up of the event, all the way to tear-down to ensure that everything was back to where it had needed to go. 

At the end of the incredibly rainy day, everything turned out beautifully! There were a few things that came up that were unexpected because of the weather, but before anyone could notice, it got dealt with! It was so fun to see two of our friends get married, and watch them enjoy every minute and spend time with their closest friends and family. That's what makes this so worth it!


Even before Joryli and I entered into our “ENGAGED!” seasons of life, we were already sharing our hopes & dreams for our someday weddings. Thinking, planning and dreaming out loud is something very effortless to do with her. Whether it’s concerning a wedding checklist or what to do on a Friday night, Joryli and Raelene LOVE. TO. PLAN!

When my husband and I got engaged just before Christmas last year, we had already geared ourselves to tackle much of the wedding necessities on our own. When we looked at everything that needed to get taken care of (photography, catering, planning, music etc.) we decided on one thing: it was going to be personal. For as much as it was possible, we checked off each priority on the wedding list with a friend’s name beside it. Not only did we get to share some of the most precious moments with them throughout our big day, but we got to see them shine & excel in what they’re all so good at.

It wasn’t until midway through our engagement though that I realized my sanity might be at stake. Joryli and I had been in conversation about some of the more overwhelming elements of wedding planning and that’s where she read me like a book. All my vision and energy had been narrowed in on the overall Master Checklist, but then had barely any idea how to manage the organizational “Day Of” specifics. Joryli didn’t let me blink twice before she decided for me that this was going to get done and get done well! From taking on the role of contacting/emailing vendors, to fashioning a Master “Day Of” Itinerary, to becoming the “Point of Contact” person for all people involved in our wedding, The Bright Lights girls did it ALL. I felt more breath in my lungs with each task they alleviated me of. Not only were my husband and I able to appreciate every moment of our day stress-free, but so were those that were with us all day. Unavoidable things will always come up on your wedding day, but if you’ve got a team like Joryli & Raelene, you won’t have to think twice about finding a solution.

We’re incredibly thankful for all the planning, thinking, calling, e-mailing and preparing they did and I will always be so grateful for having had them team up with us!

Photography // Caleb Bender Photography
Venue // East Delta Hall
Caterer // Two Peas In a Pod - Jordan Rempel & Sarah McDonald