Monthly // Holiday Update

Happy December! I feel like we just blinked and the Christmas holidays appeared. Here's a little bit of an update from us on what we're doing and some of our Christmas plans!

What are you reading? // I've been trying to be super focused on reading more of my bible! November went by so quickly I hadn't even noticed that I didn't have a book going! The Christmas season always inspires me to read Harry Potter though, maybe I'll start that tonight?  Anybody else love the look of Hogwarts at Christmas?!?!?

What is your favourite part of Christmas? // I love so much about Christmas, one thing I always look forward to is hosting our annual friend's Christmas Dinner! I love gathering all my dear friends in one place to eat, chat, and play games!

Have any festive DIY plans? // I'm not the best at DIY projects. I always want it to look perfect so I usually end up getting a bit frustrated! I was thinking of trying to make a wreath? Or a wall hang? 

What's your favourite Christmas drink? // Chai Eggnogs anybody? Also during the winter months I am always a fan of a hot chocolate with a touch of mint baileys. Cozy drinks for a cozy time of year!

What's your Christmas colour scheme this year? // I think I am going to stay pretty neutral with whites, golds and silvers! I also am loving a touch of black, and adding some greenery this year... I love a nice simple festive look so our home just feels cozy! 

What are you reading? // Oh gosh. I'm in the middle of paper and exam season, so my head has been stuck in books and textbooks for the past month. I read a philosophy book today and really enjoyed it! Haha. Is that a nerdy thing to say? 

What is your favourite part of Christmas? // I really love watching cheesy Christmas movies (one everyday!), snuggling up by the fireplace and getting the opportunity to catch up with friends and family. I know it's a busy time, but 

Have any festive DIY plans? // Just a few small things here and there. I didn't quite make it on time to make an advent calendar, but I really wanna make this DIY star that Three Little Crowns recently put up on their blog. Check it out here!

What's your favourite Christmas drink? // I finally found one I really enjoyed! A sweet barista helped a sista out. I tried the new chestnut praline drink at starbucks and didn't love it, so she suggested a white chocolate peppermint mocha half-sweet, with lactaid milk. :) I love it! It's not too sweet, and I can taste a little bit of Christmas in my mouth!

What's your Christmas colour scheme this year? // I really love neutrals. Sam and I are still building our Christmas collection, but we really love whites then adding accents. This year, we're adding a lot of natural accents because we have a lot of that already in our home. We use lighting and candles to give the house a more Christmas-y feel as well. Just a few inexpensive ways to keep the house feeling cozy, warm and festive. :)

What are you guys up to this Christmas Season? Feel free to share with us some of your favourite Christmas to-dos, and decor ideas!