Fitness Feature // 5 Booty Building Exercises

Meray Froese from My Reward Fitness is joining us for one more week to show us and future brides how they can best prepare for their wedding. Here are some great exercises she's put together for you! We hope you've enjoyed this month as much as we have! 

Huge thanks to Erin Fraser Photography for taking the photos for this blog! You can also check her out on instagram at @efraserphoto! 

With wedding season coming up, and the busyness of life, it’s not always easy making it to the gym.  That’s why I put together 5 Booty Building Exercise that you can do from your own home! These exercises will help shape your legs and your booty so you can have a toned, conditioned, and strong lower body. 

Feel free to challenge yourself with these workouts by adding heavier weight. 

Try doing this circuit five times! Good luck!

1.  GOBLET SQUATS // This exercise targets your glutes and your quadriceps.  All you need is a dumbbell or kettlebell that you can squat with 20 times.

Step 1: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the dumbbell or kettle ball comfortably in front of your chest.

Step 2: Squat down about 90 degrees, making sure that your chest is up, your core is tight, and your knees are not going over your toes. 

Step 3: Bring your body upright, and squeeze your glutes at the top.

Step 4: Repeat Exercise 20 times.

2. EXERCISE BALL HAMSTRING CURLS // This is a great at home exercise that targets your glutes and hamstrings.  If you don’t have an exercise ball at home, you can put your legs up on a bench.

Step 1: Begin on the floor laying on your back with your feet on top of the ball.

Step 2: Position the ball so that when your legs are extended your feet are on top of the ball.

Step 3: Raise your hips off the ground, keeping your weight on your shoulder blades and feet.

Step 4: Flex your knees as you bring the ball as close to you as possible, make sure you contract your hamstrings.

Step 5: Return to starting position.

Step 6: Repeat exercise 20 times.

3. BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS // All you need is any kind of platform (a bench, step, chair), and extra weight if you want a challenge.  This exercise specifically targets your quads and glutes.

Step 1: Place your back foot on a platform and go into a lunge. Make sure your knee does not go over your toes.

Step 2: Drive your body up to starting position and repeat.

Step 3: Repeat exercise 20 times per leg.

4. SINGLE LEG STEP-UPS // This exercise is perfect for targeting your glutes and for working on your balance.

Step 1: Stand in front of a bench or stable platform. 

Step 2: Lift your right leg and, driving your heel into the bench.

Step 3: Fully extend right your leg, and squeeze your glutes. Allow your left leg to float beside the bench, not touching the ground.

Step 4: Stick your glutes out, and lower your left foot allowing just your toes to touch the ground. 

Step 5: Repeat exercise 20 times, then switch legs.

5. CURTSY - SQUAT - CURTSY // This exercise requires no equipment at all! It is a fat burning exercise that will leave your glutes on fire!

Step 1: Start with standing with your feet hip width apart.  Put your weight on your left leg, and cross your right leg behind your left leg (as if you’re doing a curtsy). Bend your knees and lower your body straight down until both knees are 90 degrees.

Step 2: Bring your right leg from behind your left leg, and bring it shoulder width apart.  Go into a squat. 

Step 3: Put your weight on your right leg, and cross your left leg behind your right leg (as if you’re doing a curtsy). Bend your knees and lower your body straight down until both knees are 90 degrees.

Step 4: Repeat exercise 20 times.

Hope you enjoyed this workout! For more exercise and nutrition tips visit my instagram @my.rewardfitness and my website