All About // Date Nights


It's officially February! Can you believe it? 2015 has been amazing so far, but it's going by way too quick! With February being highlighted as the month of love we thought we'd do something fun and feature a few fun date night ideas or even some Valentine date ideas for all you men! *hint!*

My husband Sam and I are huge on date nights. It's one of the things that we've made sure we made time for since we were dating. We made it a priority in our schedule to reserve a night in the week that was saved specifically for date night. So when we're making individual plans during the week, Tuesday nights are reserved. Of course, things happen during the week and things need to be adjusted, but we discuss it and re-schedule if needed. There are of course some weeks you do just have to wait until the next week. We've been doing this religiously since we were dating, and we stick to it pretty tightly even now that we're married. It's something we look forward to it every week!

Date nights don't have to be expensive, and you don't have to necessarily go out either. Date nights are meant to be intentional. So whether that means going out, or staying in, it's an intentional night for us to re-connect during a busy week and get to know each other better. We feel that it's allowed us to grow in our relationship deeper just by setting aside time for each other.

Some of you may not be in the same season as us, and life is full and busy. The heart of date night is intentionally seeking each other, even if that's just for an hour. That one intentional hour can make the difference in your relationship. It does in ours!

But for those looking for a few ideas, starting Monday we have a few special date night ideas for you and your man to try yourself! Feel free to let us know what you think and let us know what you guys do for date nights!