Sweet Feature // Cotton Candy Fun with PetitePuf

You're going to love this month! This month we get to feature some of the most fun, interactive and popular sweet treat vendors in Vancouver, BC! 

All of this months vendors are fantastic options as a dessert, candy option, or wedding favor. If you're looking for some fun detailing to have at your upcoming party, these are the guys to talk to! 

Some of these vendors have great interactive options to have at your reception (or during your pre-reception if you want something sweet before hand) which makes it so much more fun for your guests!

We wish that we had these options out when we were getting married because they each have their own unique X-factor that they bring into play!

Let us introduce you to PetitePuf!

PetitePuf is the original and premier organic cotton candy cart service in Vancouver, B.C. They do more than just make cotton candy, we provide the ultimate cotton candy experience, with our wedding decorations and candy bar services. Their dreamy and delicious, organic and all natural handcrafted cotton candy will be the highlight of your next event or private party. PetitePuf promises an unforgettable full service event experience AND offers options to customize the PetitePuf cart, flavours, cotton candy cones, and select décor to fit the theme of your Wedding, Corporate Event, or Private Party.

Petitepuf has also been featured on Real Weddings Magazine, Style Me Pretty, and Breakfast Television. 

Let's go behind the scenes a bit shall we?

Meet Pippa! She is an entrepreneur, mother, and wife. Pippa launched PetitePuf in 2014 after being inspired to create Cotton Candy event services for her own wedding. 


What do you like to do in your spare time? 

In my downtime I like to get creative, play house, and be outside. I'm a huge fan of exercise and have a mandate to sneak in an hour or so every day. 

How did you get started? 

Cotton Candy had always held special childhood memories for me and I was eager to start PetitePuf after I went on a search for a special Cotton Candy supplier for my big day but turned up empty. I was looking for a vendor who offered catering, decor, and entertainment and couldn't find anyone who did all three. With a passion for all things sweet, PetitePuf was born and the rest is history!

What are the most popular flavours that you carry?

The Strawberry and French Vanilla are always a hit! My favourite is the Chai and our new Salted Caramel but the mango chill, strawberry lemonade and twinkle twinkle (coconut with tiny silver stars) are so so so yummie and pretty it is hard to decide! 

For the keepsake wedding favours, can you get personal labels, can they order more than one flavour?  

Yes! Depending on the order size we would be happy to offer a choice of up to 4 flavours and are happy to customize ribbon, labels, packaging etc! 

Another option is to have the cotton candy cart at the wedding. What does that look like? How long would you be there? 

Please visit our website for more information on our cart services! The most popular package for our cart services is our Fete package which is two hours of cart service, 4 flavour, decor and options to customize!

How do you stay creative and on top of the wedding trends? 

We love attending wedding shows, pour over wedding magazines, and stay connected with our local wedding planners. We also find inspiration from the amazing images on Instagram and Pinterest. 

If you're looking for some fun and different ideas to have at your party, or your big day make sure to look into PetitePuf! We absolutely love their cotton candy cart option! Or if you're looking for different ideas for a favour, we love that they help provide the cutest packaging. Who could resist receiving a cute little cloud of sweetness anyhow!?

For more information, make sure to head over to PetitePuf's website for more details.