Beauty Feature // Charlene Agnew Make-Up Artistry

We can't believe that it is May 19th already! We're feeling like summer is basically here! (yay).

Today, we are featuring Charlene Agnew from Agnew Make-Up Artistry. We have had the chance to work with her on a couple of styled shoots and her raw talent and personality won of us over instantly! 

She has so much energy and is calm and collected all at the same time. She loves to try out new looks, and can make your vision for your make-up come to be! We hope you enjoy reading about her as much as we enjoy knowing her! 


Tell us about yourself!

I was born in North Vancouver but mainly grew up in Coquitlam. I was very shy as a child and then puberty hit and I am not sure what happened, a loud person came out. I lived in London for a while, which was great, travelling around is so cheap once you're there. I love dogs like a 12 year old girl. I go a little gaga. My boyfriend and I just got a puppy, so I am in heaven.  I take improv lessons down on Granville Island, I love learning and performing so I am having a blast. Plus it's something I do just for me, which is important, and the older I get, the more I realize this. I sometimes have awful pronunciation, but ironically say pronunciation correctly (since I know many people do not).  I love being on the water, in the water, near the water, and I try to drink a lot of water.

Where did you go school?

I graduated high school from Pacific Academy, and I have a BFA in theatre performance from SFU. Many people ask me what a BFA is, it is a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I took a year off but I did go back and do my PDP, and got my Bachelor of Education. I teach Drama, Social Studies and ELL (ESL) in the Burnaby school district. Through this process I decided I needed a backup, a supplementary career, never to give up on my teaching but something I knew I would enjoy and be able to be creative. After some research I decided to go to Blanche Macdonald Centre. It's a well known school that many come from all over the world to go to. I liked their reputation, and their career connections. 

What is the number one questions brides ask you?

A bride's number one question is usually the cost. I cannot blame them, I know they have a budget and weddings are expensive. I am proud my rates are reasonable, in relation to my product, my education, my talent and other overhead costs.

What advice do you have for a bride looking for a MUA?

The advice I would give to a bride looking for a MUA is to not only like their work but also like them as a person. See if your personalities mesh well. There are so many amazing artists in Vancouver, so finding someone you can chat and have a laugh with, someone who will relax you, give you confidence in their ability to look after you, is the person you should hire. After all, you'll be with them, up close and personal, for an hour or more.

Are you mobile or do you work in studio?

I run a mobile service. I have gotten brides ready in their homes, in hotels, in hair salons. I have been up at 4am to start work at 5am, many times. I come to you, wherever you are :)

Are consults included in your packages? Do I need one?

My rates and packages are on my website Some brides love doing the consults. I encourage brides if they do want a consult to book something special that day, perhaps an engagement shoot, or at least a date night. Consults are great if you know you will have a crazy busy wedding day, not tons of time to get ready. Consults are great to work out the kinks before so I can come and get down to work right away. If you decide not to do a consult, I always recommend leaving more time so that we can make changes if we need to.

How do you stay on top of wedding trends?

I go back and forth between following wedding 'trends' and saying 'who cares!' I read InStyle and spend too much time on Instagram and Pinterest. Ultimately I advise and would personally go with anything that makes you feel beautiful and like yourself.

What are you favourite looks to do?

My favourite look...hmm...I'm not sure I have one. I like contouring and doing the smoky eye, but I also love the simple transformation of light and pretty, and what a difference this can make on a woman's face. I love doing under eye concealer, which is my favourite. I get excited actually. It is one of the last things I do, and it blends everything I have done so far, and I literally, on most occasions, jump up and down. (not while I am doing it, after!)

What should I do to prepare for getting my make-up done?

As soon as a bride books with me, I send her an email about a couple things that are common, and some women only do for the first time right before they get married. If you are thinking of getting a facial, do this one month before the wedding. Facials bring impurities up, and if you do this too close to your day, you could have a break-out situation. A month lets everything calm down and go away! Waxing/threading should be done a week before the day, especially if you have never had it done before. I say this because if this is brand new to you, you won't know how your skin reacts and redness can linger. Lastly, if the bride or her bridesmaids suffer from dry skin (as I do) getting your skin hydrated, and well moisturized is really good for makeup. Dry skin makes makeup sit odd upon the face. Added bonus, hydrated skin makes us look younger. A weekly hydration mask and or a daily serum help. 

To see more of Charlene's fantastic work, follow her on instagram @agnewmakeupartistry!