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Sometimes the search for a good stylist whether a make-up artist or a hair stylists can be difficult! There's so many out there, but to find the right one can be so overwhelming. Vancouver is filled with MANY talented stylists, but we thought we'd introduce you to just a few that you may or may not have yet heard of. We love their style, work ethic, and just really enjoy them as people!

We hope that this month we'll get an opportunity to introduce you to some amazing artists in hopes to help you in your future search!

Today we're featuring the ladies of Hello Lovely. They are a hair-stylist-sister-duo team that have a passion for making intentional connections with women and to commit to not just making their hair beautiful, but making them feel loved, encouraged and beautiful from the inside out!

We first heard of this lovely duo through instagram and from our friend Madison from M&Him! We have had the opportunity to work closely with them on a recent styled shoot and we love their style, calm nature and attention to detail. (Fun fact: They're Raelene's personal hair stylist!) 

Let's introduce you to the lovely duo!


Meet Samantha!

I am married to the man of my dreams and we are raising Noah, a 2 year old prince. I'm a real sports junkie. I take any chance I can to compete; play volleyball, basketball, or anything for that matter. Being a mom has definitely rearranged my priorities and made it a little more difficult to pursue a career, but now I have the motivation to stay at home and raise a God-loving family while still pursuing this hair adventure with my sister. I'm blessed to have my dream shared by Jessica. 

Samantha studied at John Casablancas Institute in Gastown. She absolutely loved it. It was practically a second home to her!

Meet Jessica!

I am a wife to the sweetest husband, and a new mom to my bundle of joy. I am a serious outdoors person, I love spending my weekends with my husband hiking or discovering new places. I plan to continue all these adventures with our son, Ford. I've been doing hair since I was thirteen and I am so glad that my passion has led me here and this company. I am so lucky to be able to follow my dream alongside my family. 

Jessica attended Vancouver Community College in Vancouver. She had a great experience and recommends it to everyone!

What is your favourite part of your career?

Instilling confidence in our brides and our clients. We really connect with the women we work with and it gives us the ability to bring to life exactly what they dreamed of. Being able to do this on their wedding day and making it that much easier for them to focus on what truly matters, makes us feel accomplished. 

What is your advice for brides looking for a hair stylist?

Do your research. Look into all social media aspects of the hair stylist you're thinking of. That way you get a good look into their portfolio and what they have to offer, as well as being able to read all the comments and feedback of previous clients. 

Are you mobile? 

Yes we are, we want to make your day as easy and fun as possible, right from the beginning. One of the ways we do this is by coming to you, that way you don't need to stress about making appointments and getting places. We just show up, set up a station and begin!

Is a consultation included?

Yes! We feel a consultation is a must. Everyone's idea of a curl or a bun is different than the next. This way we make sure we are both on the same page and can deliver exactly what you're dreaming of on the big day. 

How do you stay on top of hair trends?

We are constantly watching, listening, and looking for trends throughout the year. We follow many top stylists via social media and use the internet to our advantage. But being able to keep an eye out on the streets of Vancouver is a huge plus for us. We're living in one of the trendiest cities after all.

What is your favourite hairstyle to do?

We are kind of known for our "natural" looks. So we definitely love doing the refined messy hairstyles. Lately, we've had a small obsession with fishtail updo's. 

Do you have any tips for a bride or bridesmaids as they prepare to get their hair done?

If you don't have a problem with greasy hair in the morning you can wash your hair the night before. Otherwise, take a shower when you wake up, but make sure your hair is completely dry before you start your hairstyle. Any moisture left in your hair will cause your curls to fall. 

A little message from Hello Lovely.

 "Your beauty should come from within you - this beauty will never disappear, and it's worth very much to God." 1 peter 3:4 

We have a love for Jesus, and His passion is for people. We get to work with so many inwardly beautiful women, and we get the chance to reflect outwardly what he sees in them. This is one of the biggest blessings we are given, to see women on their wedding day, loving themselves. Even though we work in the beauty industry, we take this passage to heart, and we hope that this message flows into the lives of the women we touch. 

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