I'm a wife, a planner, and a follower of Jesus. 

I can't say no to fries, chips and ice cream. I'm married to the most amazing man. His name is Sam, and he knows how to make me laugh, even when I'm in the worst mood by calling me the silliest names.

I was trained and have gained experience as an Event Coordinator. I have had the opportunity to help organize, plan, manage many conferences of up to 2000 people, as well as helped with weddings, and many smaller parties and gatherings planned. 

As a planner, there's something about taking an idea, and making it come to life. I love adding personality to whatever it may be and implementing the small details that people don't notice, but makes all the difference. I love watching an event come to life and watching the hosts of the event enjoy the party they have asked for. 


I am married to the love of my life (Josiah). I have a love for coffee, pop tarts, and all French foods. I always have an itch to travel whether it is a long trip overseas, a weekend getaway or a drive down to Seattle for a slice of red velvet cheesecake! Spontaneity in my life is a MUST!

You will always find my day timer in my bag as I love to keep everything in my life as organized as possible (nothing is worse then double booking yourself). I love all sorts of parties; birthdays, weddings, showers... any reason is a reason to celebrate, right?

As an event planner, my favourite thing is seeing all of the small details come together, watching everybody gather together to celebrate and enjoy themselves. But more importantly, I love lifting stress off of the guests of honour. That is truly what makes me love my job!